Welcome to the Secrets of Women’s Self Defense.
This video was created to introduce you, as a new student, to your coach, Teja and to welcome you to the course.

“I LOVED this weeks training with Teja. She brought up so many things I’d never thought about – like [the ways] little girls are taught to ‘hang back’ and little boys become more equipped to deal with aggression even at a young age… this is so true! very good info, Teja, am looking forward to the next session!”
Chere H, Student of the Secrets of Women's Self Defense

“This is a college course in self-defense… so impressive in scope and depth and with such an acute understanding of women’s issues. It will be my gift to every woman I know.”

Belisa Vranich, Clinical Psychologist, Author and Founder of The Breathing Class
“I’m learning so much and I love it! And it’s not just the course content itself that is great, it’s the interaction in the [community] group, the discussions, the disagreements… life experiences, the support… and the fun as well!  Thanks Teja.”
Alannah T, Student of the Secrets of Women's Self Defense


Teja: Practice discomfort.
Don’t be afraid of being uncomfortable, consider it a time to explore yourself.
Adaptability is how we got this far. Too much air conditioning and heated seats
weaken your ability to adapt and excel.


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