My name is Teja. I’m a 30-year veteran martial artist with a background in edged weapons, firearms and wilderness survival. I’ve studied martial disciplines from many cultures over the years. I have been a personal trainer and a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). I am also the ADHD Mom of an ADHD son.

I’ve been featured in magazines like Madmoiselle and Black Belt and interviewed on Television for ESPN, Nancy Grace, Good Day New York and Veria Living. I once leaped on a melon in a grocery store for a South West Air Super Bowl commercial.

For more than five years, I managed a martial arts production company that created and performed over one hundred staged stunt performances for major events, movie premieres, pharmaceutical conferences and film festivals worldwide. I’ve been involved in many areas of martial arts from stunt performance and choreography, to high-level training with elite military personnel. I’ve engaged in a number of training exercises I don’t necessarily recommend others try and had experiences I might have been happier (though not necessarily smarter) without–facing down live darts, fighting through pepper spray, feeling the full-body jolt of a Taser, but none of it kicked my ass the way motherhood did.

After months of nausea and sleep deprivation, a third trimester hernia surgery, a blood-born strep infection and post-partum depression, I surfaced in my new role as a mom. My injury and illness made me vulnerable and caused me to rethink everything I had learned about martial arts, self-defense and fighting. When had I ever trained with a baby attached to me or while pushing a stroller? How would kicking, punching or grappling even work with a kid in the mix? What were the survival answers to those disturbing scenarios and why had they never come up in thirty years of training?

I’ve been working those particular questions for more than ten years now. My quest is to find the place where self defense meets common sense, where self and situational awareness, strategy and high-speed problem solving coincide; to create a paradigm of empowerment for women who want to revel in the chess game of life, dismantle fear, use emotions wisely, see conflict as opportunity, raise productive, resilient children who won’t become victims or criminals, and who, even if it comes to the worst, can beat innumerable odds and come out on top.

GO! (Get Offensive) is for you if you want to become the hero of your family and of your own story.

“I LOVED this weeks training with Teja. She brought up so many things I’d never thought about – like [the ways] little girls are taught to ‘hang back’ and little boys become more equipped to deal with aggression even at a young age… this is so true! very good info, Teja, am looking forward to the next session!”
Chere H, Student of the Secrets of Women's Self Defense

“This is a college course in self-defense… so impressive in scope and depth and with such an acute understanding of women’s issues. It will be my gift to every woman I know.”

Belisa Vranich, Clinical Psychologist, Author and Founder of The Breathing Class
“I’m learning so much and I love it! And it’s not just the course content itself that is great, it’s the interaction in the [community] group, the discussions, the disagreements… life experiences, the support… and the fun as well!  Thanks Teja.”
Alannah T, Student of the Secrets of Women's Self Defense


Teja: Practice discomfort.
Don’t be afraid of being uncomfortable, consider it a time to explore yourself.
Adaptability is how we got this far. Too much air conditioning and heated seats
weaken your ability to adapt and excel.


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